The scientific autoclave is used in nearly every science disciplines needing sterilization of implements and tools.  Scientific disciplines such as microbiology, virology, genetics, and even mycology needs this important laboratory tool.  The bench autoclave is also a scientific autoclave, its ease of use and near automation confirming it as a device of choice for all sterilization needs.

Microbiologists desperately need sterile implements and media.  When inoculating Petri dishes filled with medium, their tools need to be sterilized completely at first, and then kept sterile by flame or heat chamber.  The Petri dish itself must go through a thorough sterilization to assure quality control.

Virologists deal with the tiniest of living organisms.  These simple yet successful organisms are simply made up of a protein shell around a simple strand of RNA, or ribonucleic acid, its program molecule.  When studying these minute organisms, any contamination of any kind of living tissue or even dead tissue, such as skin dander, can interfere with the testing procedure by introducing free DNA and RNA into the experiment.

Scientific autoclaves can cleanse every tool used by the virologist and assure the virologist of an absolutely contaminant-free instrument.  This is so vital that specialized scientific autoclaves are design for this purpose alone.

Genetics also needs sterile implements and tools.  Genetic experimentation can easily be contaminated by merely a fraction of a piece of DNA or RNA floating in the air, so clean rooms are needed that keep a negative air flow around the experiment bench.  Scientific autoclaves are needed to also assure there is no contamination just as virologists need.

The scientific bench autoclave is an essential tool for nearly all scientific systems.  Without absolute cleansing of materials and implements, these vital scientific procedures would not be possible.

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The Scientific Autoclave

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